Temperature Play


One thing many find fun to experiment with is temperature play. Heat, cold, ice cubes, candle wax. I can think of one man that called and wanted me to talk about holding a lighter under his dick. All I could think of was now that’s a weenie roast! Ice cubes run over the nipples and down the navel like in the infamous “Nine and a Half Weeks” scene seem relatively calm in comparison to some of the tales I’ve heard.

One place I used to write for was a sex toy website and they had a large selection of glass sex toys. Now these glass sex toys are medical grade glass, stronger even than bakeware type glass and properly cared for will outlast you, unless you go dropping them on a cement floor. One thing glass toys are well known for is you can heat them up, or cool them down. Bowls of hot water or ice water, your choice. One client I had went to a professional dominatrix and she had him fill condoms with water and then freeze them to make a cylinder of ice and I’m sure you can guess where that cylinder was inserted. Not fun.

Candle wax being dripped on your naughty bits sounds a bit more harsh than it really is, as many candles made for sex play actually have a very low burning point, so the drips of wax aren’t as sever as you might think them to be. It can be fun to watch someone flinch though. This kind of sex play can also be fun if you have your partner blindfolded, so they don’t know what to expect. Experiment and see what kinds of temperatures get you going. The shock of ice cold, or the burn of unexpected hot. Dare to find out tonight!

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