It’s one thing to like a big girl, but there are some men out there known as “feeders”, that not only like big girls, they want to make them bigger. As in way too big.

They are usually dominant males who like to keep their women dependent on them. If the woman loses weight, the dynamic of the relationship changes and they are often at a loss, they have lost their purpose within the relationship and it often crumbles.

I well recall a man that asked me out on a dating site a few years ago. And he was a successful man, a lawyer, not some nobody. He liked my looks, but seriously asked me if I would consider gaining 100, yes, 100 lbs. (I am not thin to start with here.) I said no, I would NOT be gaining 100 lbs for him or anyone. He then started going on about how the bigger the better, and asking me about my favorite foods and how much he wanted to feed me them by hand. I found this very strange and didn’t know what to say.

He was a slim man himself, and an educated one to be a lawyer, yet he wanted a very, very large woman. I hope he finds the super sized BBW of his dreams, but this was my only personal experience with one of these men, and this was just a few text chats. I can’t imagine in person, the gifts of foods he would bestow upon the girl he would be going out with. It just seemed weird to me. There are even webcams set up with very big girls eating everything in site for feeders to watch, as they find it arousing. I don’t understand this at all. Watching people eat themselves to death arousing, very strange.

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