Loony Looners

There is an odd fetish out there about balloons. They call themselves “Looners”. How ones can find balloons sexually exciting, I’m not quite sure, but they are passionate about it. And it starts quite young, the desire for it.

Like a few other fetishes, it has many branches. All are not into every aspect of balloons. Some like to fuck the balloon, as in actually putting their cock in the part you place in your mouth to blow up. Others hump them, you’d have to have a strong balloon to take this pressure on it. Some love to pop them, the breaking of them being like an orgasm. Others are very afraid to hear them pop and avoid breaking them at all costs. Some like inserting a balloon into a woman’s vagina and starting to blow it up, which doesn’t seem very safe or wise to me and you wouldn’t be able to get much air into it anyway I would assume.

Some want to be in balloons, then they get into huge ones that they find places for to special order them from, it is all quite odd really. Many are disappointed when they find partners that are not as into the fetish as they are, but unless you find someone that is, most keep their fetishes to themselves and feel deprived they don’t have one that shares their special interest.

Many are afraid friends or family will find out, but honestly, not many people will question a bag of balloons if they see one, sill they now? No, so it’s a pretty easy to hide fetish. It’s an everyday item they are using for a not everyday purpose. It’s fairly harmless, they aren’t hurting anyone, but it is a little odd, but then most fetishes are a little odd.

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