Scrub Your Junk

man in Shower

Is your “junk” dirty? How often do you make sure your naughty bits are cleaned well? Do you properly lather up in the shower or bath and pull all your saggy bits aside to get it clean? Several ladies have shared some scary tales of cocks they were presented with that smelled like sweat and urine. Gee, isn’t that just every girls dream to have presented to her waiting mouth?

Having recently had the unexpected experience of a client that wanted me to watch him shower on cam through his glass doors, I was a bit shocked at what I saw, or rather what I didn’t see. I think the bar of soap briefly grazed his underarms and that was about it, it was so brief a “shower,” I’m not even sure it deserved to be called that. I have not seen other men shower, no one else has asked me to observe them. Letting water run over you briefly doesn’t really count, you need to use soap, you need to use your hands or a washcloth or a body poof, I’d say hands are the easiest, less laundry that way.

Most women do not want to contend with an uncircumcised cock, sorry to break it to you, we really don’t. Not the look of it, and unless exceptionally clean, not the smell of it. I’m not saying you need to go at it like you’re scrubbing a burned pot, but there should be no white debris, no flakes of dried cum, no odor. You deserve to be kicked out the door if there is. I’m sure somewhere out there, there must be women with a dirty penis fetish, just as there are men with a dirty, fishy pussy fetish, but for the most part no. Please shower, and well, before making your moves on us. Not all women go for the shaved look, but more do now than ever before, so ask your lady if she’d like you to shave. It’s not much of a sacrifice, doesn’t take long, and might make your gal oh so much more willing to pleasure you orally.

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