Bubblegum Looners


When it comes to fetishes, they don’t have to make sense. Many times to our conscious minds, they don’t. Sometimes with fetishes they are even things that have aggravated us horribly that somehow twist their way into a fixation of sorts. Looners are people that are sexually fixated on balloons. There is also a different sort of looners called Bubblegum Looners, they are fixated on woman that blow bubbles with bubble gum. That seems more normal in a way than straight balloons, but whatever gets you off, I guess.

The pop of the bubble is of course to be compared to the release of orgasm, or guys, they literally say they are going to “blow their load.” People chewing gum is a real pet peeve of mine, so the appeal of it I cannot grasp, ones that smack it and pop it drives me insane and will illicit dirty looks from me, so ones that find that sexually a turn on I can’t understand, but obviously somehow, someway it’s sexually appealing to the person and they wish to watch women blow bubbles, especially when having sex. Much like how guys with say a smoking fetish will get turned on watching a woman smoke as she rides him or gives him a blow job.

The mouth is a common object for a fetish, the smoking fetish with the smoke being blown out, ones into lipstick fetish that love to watch a woman apply lipstick, the bubble gum blowing fetish is not that far removed since it involves the mouth, but also as I said has elements in common with the looner fetish, just more personal than with balloons alone.

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