Do You Need An Enema?


Now what the appeal is of an enema, I personally cannot grasp, but make no mistake, there are guys out there who think this is the sexiest thing going. I often get emails telling me how they want to talk about the “itchy, burning feeling back there” that only a doctor, nurse or mommy can satisfy. At that point I usually tell them they need to find someone that can help them out, even for money, I’m not going down chocolate road…

It often seems they have a medical angle going on to this sort of fantasy, as it can be the doctor or nurse that is the one “helping them out”. Many that are into anal play, butt plugs, strap ons and other forms of anal sex often use an enema beforehand to clean things out, so to speak. If it’s clean on the inside and then on the outside from shower or bath, many feel comfortable with various types of anal play, so an enema is a routine thing to them before they get up close and personal with your backdoor.

Some like the feeling of keeping in an enema, some kinds have things they do other than clean you out, like a coffee enema is popular and I saw on a show once a man that used red wine. Well the alcohol is absorbed into your system a lot faster that way than by drinking and if it’s overdone alcohol poisoning can result and he said it burned like hell coming back out. People do very strange things indeed when it comes to matters of sexual stimulation and what they find pleasurable.

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