Smother Me, Please!


Now there’s guys that like big girls, and then there’s guys that like BIG girls. Some into the super sized ones, like over 350 lbs, have a fetish for “squashing” where they like to be smothered in the blubber and flesh of their partner. Some men that are also into the feeder fetish have this as well, they like to be covered in their partner to the point they can’t breathe. I guess they’d have no use for queening chairs, that are designed to make pussy licking more comfortable in the female on top position so no pressure is placed on them.

They want to be so covered they can’t breathe. I wonder if any men have actually died from this, either by smothering where they can’t breathe, or the guy in the below video, how can that not break his ribs and have them pierce his organs? I’ve no idea, no matter how bizarre some act is, someone somewhere is out there indulging in it, you can be sure.

I’ve never heard of a woman wanting a fat man to squash her, lord the idea is beyond repulsive. It’s one thing to appreciate a curvy woman with some meat on her bones, but to want someone triple the size or more they should be, that is definitely going over into fetish territory. I guess as long as no one is hurt or injured, and it’s consensual, have at it and smother them till they are struggling. I’d be worried about things going too far.

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