Cock And Ball Torture With Tobasco


I do enjoy a good cock and ball torture call, they are fun, not a doubt.I had a man call the other night and I must say he beat me to the punch. I usually tell guys I’d like them to have some Tobasco sauce on hand and this one came prepared. Rubber bands, Q-tips, hot sauce. I told him to hold up his cock and shake some of the sauce down his cock. Normally I’d recommend they come with a syringe, but he hadn’t one on hand.

Oh it was amusing listen to him squeal as it dribbled into his cock head. Then a few minutes later he was talking about placing some up his ass, he suggested he shake some onto a Q-tip and then insert that. Worked like a charm and he was writhing with burning discomfort as I laughed at him. Then he tightly wrapped some rubber bands around his cock and balls and started hitting them with a wooden spoon.  I do enjoy these calls, they are so entertaining listening to them yelp with pain and do these things to themselves. Many are so deserving of the pain!

This went on for a good 20 minutes and he was quite spent at the end of it, yet enjoyed it all a great deal and said for sure he’d be calling for more of it. Good to put my mean streak to good use, nice to have it appreciated by these clients. I’m glad we can inflict this pain together. Regardless of the burning the Tobasco sauce created, he was able to cum and enjoy it, bizarre though it may be to most.

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