The Lure Of Youth


I’ve been getting a number of calls recently from guys wanting to talk about really young girls. It always worries me and I have limits how young I will talk about and the ones calling frequently have limits way below mine they wish to discuss, so I either ask them to call another girl or change the topic. Sometimes they say they will change the topic, but as they are close to cumming the revert back to what they originally called to talk about.

One said when I answered the phone, “I’m a pedofile and I can’t help it any more than a gay person can help that they are gay.” Well, you may be attracted to anything, but you can choose to act on it or not, that’s the difference and they seem to think they can’t control it. And if that’s truly the case, they need professional help to not be a danger to those at large. People are indeed attracted to different things, but you can choose to focus on other things and not dwell on the troublesome, and illegal one that can ruin your life.

To explore things on a cal though with a willing operator often truly does help these men live things out in their minds and fantasies that they (hopefully) wouldn’t actually act out. When I think of my over 5 year long term client that wishes to discuss these topics and how sane he otherwise sounds, it’s a marvel they can have such fantasies. Would I let him baby sit a child I was in care of? I don’t think so, knowing what I know of his fantasies. I know acting and imagining are two different things, but it worries me the thought is there at all. Phone sex is a wonderful way to explore thoughts we’d never really act out, safely, legally, talking about “if only” with no actual consequences. We are an outlet to many men to live out very dark fantasies.

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