Waxing Poetic


Just when I think I’ve heard it all…I read about something this past week and I thought, this just has to be an isolated, weird incident, well I looked it up and guess what, it’s a full blown fetish. Ear wax. Yes folks, yet another bodily substance, can’t really call it a fluid, that has a sexual element for many. I gotta say, it’s not as gross as scat at least, or vomit. And it seems to be men and women, many fetishes seem to be mostly men into them, but I did indeed read about women licking their own ear wax as they masturbated.

Many describe ear wax as “the body’s honey”, um okkkk then, ick! Q-Tip suckers after they clean their ears. Some look at cleaning their lovers ears as a very intimate act, this is all news to me, I must say. I’d never go a lover, Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol in hand and tell him to have at it, honey! Oh God, perish the thought. Several women I read about online had fantasies of swimming in men’s ear wax, or a version of the giantess fetish where they would be shrunk and inserted into a man’s ears and lick it out. I can’t even describe my horror at these thoughts.

Men getting aroused at cleaning their ears and eating the remnants. Seems a lot more weird than licking your own cum, and lord knows that’s popular, so perhaps there’s a lot more out there with this fetish than we know about. Most seem to be into eating and licking it, not using it as lube, yet there’s evidence ear wax was used in ancient times as the world’s first *gulp* lip balm, so hey, I guess it has ancient roots to being used for something.

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