Neck Collars For Medical Fetishes


Now I thought I’d heard of nearly every fetish, but just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear something different. I’ve heard of the fetish with casts on your arms and legs and even full body casts that drive some wild, but now I have heard of one for neck braces. Yes, apparently there are men out there that get tremendously aroused by women in neck braces and collars of a medical nature. I’ve talked to one guy with the cast fetish, but not yet run into one with the neck brace fetish.

Now it’s not that they are seeking out women that have had actual physical injuries and needing such medical devices, they just like the idea of a woman wearing one. Odd, odd, odd….It would limit your flexibility and mobility, so why would anyone get aroused by something that would limit your flexibility? I cannot imagine, yet some are getting hot and bothered by women wearing neck braces and nothing else apparently.

Perhaps it’s the very helplessness that such devices represent that makes someone appear weaker and more able to be dominated that increases the appeal, I’m honestly not sure. I guess ones that wear them don’t need to feel less attractive while they are healing, no worries, someone will be jerking over them and their neck braces! Now my mind runs wild that guys that get into medical appliance sales have weird medical fetishes and they got into that to be around ones that need them. Ya never know….

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