I had a fetish call the other day, many of the girls have spoken to this man, since he opens his calls to all of us in the same way. 
“In your opinion, what constitutes the perfect sneeze?” As soon as I hear that sentence, I know who it is. He has a sneezing fetish, as in listening to others sneeze. How one can find this arousing, I can’t imagine, yet I have had a few callers that did. One I even humored and put pepper up my nose if you can believe it, trying to make myself sneeze for his pleasure. sadly, it didn’t work, and all I had was a sore, burning and running nose for an hour afterwards, yet no sneezing for over the next ten hours. 
I asked him what made watching a woman sneeze so sexually arousing for him, and was told that in many ways a sneeze is like an orgasm. It involves the entire body, there is a momentary loss of control, and the whole experience simply overtakes you for a few seconds. 
I do wish I could sneeze on demand, yet I am simply incapable of doing so. Pepper and willing spirit or not. I have indeed read of a few rare women who have some sort of condition where they orgasm while they sneeze. I can certainly think of worse things that could happen! Pass the pepper! 
For girls that can make themselves sneeze on demand, many of these odd callers will pay handsomely, yet it is a talent not easily accomplished. So for the sneezing girls out there, there are guys that will pay to hear it!

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