Let ‘Er Rip!

There is a fetish out there for nearly every odd topic under the sun. One of them I have encountered a few times with callers is the farting fetish. I have only ever run into guys that were into this from England. I have found them to be the perviest of all the clients I deal with.

I was a bit surprised when callers started to ask me to make farting noises with my mouth. And they would talk about them going down on me and farting right in their face while they did.

I would think that would be a nightmare  of embarrassment of gigantic proportions, yet they want it. I’d assume most girls would be mortified if that happened during such a moment, yet they actively seek it out.

I can just seeing them asking their girlfriends to load up on beans and cabbage before sexual encounters. I don’t understand why they would want farting noises and smells ever, let alone at such an intimate moment, yet some do for sure, and there are a number of websites out there with “farting porn”. I can’t imagine what they would be like though, since there’s no visual with them, only sound and smell!

The odd things out there that some guys are attracted to, I will never understand. Oh well, not for me to second guess I guess….As long as both of the people are into it, it’s between them and not for others to judge. So if you find a guy into this fetish, feel free to load up on the cabbage rolls and the burritos!

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