Celebrity Fetish

Several of the guys I have as regular clients have a celebrity fetish. And they are by no means obsessed with A listers. Every celebrity out there has their fans, believe me.

One of my best clients is obsessed with a little know female celebrity from the late ’60’s, we talk of little else but this woman and his favorite movie of her.

Ones can be quite taken with famous celebrities and not ever fantasize about “everyday females”. Three of my best clients are very celebrity driven, and we talk of all the famous actresses that they would like to fuck and do things do and have the actresses do to them. Everything from spank them, to watch the celebrities get fucked by others.

When men are obsesses with famous actresses, it gives you a lot to work with. Their movies, how they look, their romances that are talked about in the media and what whore’s they sometimes are with all of their scandalous relationships. I quite like it when I find ones into celebrities.

It’s always more interesting to me when they are taken with ones that are obscure, or that only had a small level of fame many years ago, yet to these men, they are still thought of every single day in a very sexual way, even though now they might be old and totally out of the public eye. To these men, they remain ageless and in their prime at all times.

Many were an object of youthful masturbatory release that to this day, decades later they still invade their sexual thoughts. I’m sure it wouldn’t come as any great shock to the actresses when in their prime they were the objects of sexual fantasies of many men and boys, but how many would be thinking 40 years after their peak, if they are even still alive, that they are still being thought of that way by some…….Very Interesting.

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