Come On Baby Light My Fire


Pyrophilia is the fetish one gets from arousal of setting fires. Many of us have heard about and are familiar with pyromania, yet not all pyromaniacs, very few actually, do it for sexual excitement. Some even get aroused by watching or talking about fires, they don’t even have to actually set them. Just as some that are into necrophilia get into the career of being an undertaker, some that are into fire get into a career as a firefighter or having something to do with the fire department just to be around fires.

If one is merely consumed with watching fires, it’s not that big of a concern, they can always make sure to have a fireplace, it’s the ones that want to set fires that are the concern. Fire does have a very powerful draw, it can be extremely romantic to make love in front of a roaring fire, that’s in its place within the fireplace. And it can be a very relaxing thing to look at the dancing flames as well, similar to looking at a fish tank with swimming fish, it’s a very calming thing to focus on and view. How many channels on Christmas morning have a picture or show of a burning log in a fireplace, since it’s a pretty, relaxing backdrop to look at and have on in the background.

But ones obsessed with destruction and not caring about the destruction of property or the lives of innocents that might be lost due to their setting things on fire, that is very dangerous. If some want to somehow control their desires and have “controlled” fires of garbage dumpsters or something, yet even fires we think are controlled can quickly get out of hand. Wind in the wrong direction, or a host of other situations might make things turn devastating in seconds and beyond our controlling it. Some that set these fires get so aroused at the power of the flames they go home and masturbate afterwards they are so aroused. Many fetishes can be destructive to people and things other than ourselves and it’s not fair to expose others to dangerous situations due to our sexual fetishes.



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