Here Come’s The Bride…

male bride

When it comes to crossdressing there’s all sorts of different styles guy love to get into. Some are only into lingerie and stockings and that’s as far as it goes, others like to go the whole nine yards and do clothes, makeup, wigs, heels, the lot of it.

I spoke to a guy the other night-only the second I have spoken to into this particular fetish-he was wearing a bridal gown, yes a bridal gown. He had always had a thing for these types of dresses and had started years ago in communion dresses and then moved onto prom dresses and now had finally taken the plunge into full fledged bridal wear. He proudly told me the hours he spends on eBay searching for just the right gown he feels can give him the masturbation experience of his dreams, it’s all quite grand to him and he gets all excited when he’s ordered another dress and is awaiting its arrival for him to try on and jerk off in-as if he’s “christening” it.

Seems fairly harmless I suppose, yet if any boyfriend of mine was in such a getup, he wouldn’t be lasting long, I can promise you that. He wasn’t quite sure what it was about bridal gowns that got him all excited, but they held a special place in his heart like no other type of garment did. The thought of him sitting on his bed in his satin and lace dress, complete with veil no less, is quite the mental picture. Hey, I guess whatever makes you happy….

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