Dirty Panties

Some of the men I talk to on a regular basis have a real thing for dirty, worn panties. Ones that have been worn all day and sweated in and are just musky with pussy juices. One has a wife that is a nurse, who does 12 hour shifts, and she’s walking around a lot and sweating in her panties and really getting them damp during her day. He loves nothing more than when after her shift she comes home and sits right on his face in her worn, smelly panties and then goes down on her.

Some men really do enjoy the unwashed pussy smell and the panties are also exemplifying that. I recall once reading Napoleon used to sent his beloved Josephine letters telling her of his date of arrival and asking her not to wash for the 3 days beforehand. That’s some ripe pussy alright……

Hopefully most ladies are washing their tender parts a lot more often than every 3 days, but a full day of wearing worn panties can still produce some powerful aromas, especially in hot weather with sweat, and if you wear pantyhose, of course it’s even stronger, since the nylon heats things up even more. If your skin cannot breathe down there, you will have a higher level of smells. How some can like a fishy smelling, unwashed pussy is beyond me, but some obviously do. I can recall one man in particular that wanted me to say “fishy pussy” over and over, was a bit bizarre, but I guess overall, fairly harmless in the scheme of things.

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