Tree Fuckers

This next fetish, Dendrophilia, is people that love trees and plants. I mean like REALLY love trees. I love trees, I admit I have even hugged a tree, but I can honestly say I have never been sexually attracted to a tree. But there are people that are. A Scottish man was banned from a park when he was found pants around ankles attempting to have sex with a tree. I swear, I read these things and cannot believe it, yet they are true. How horny can you be to want to have sex with a tree?

The bark is rough, there’s likely insects marching up and down them, and you want to get off? Really? Apparently. Now these must be some lonely, socially inept people that are getting lovely dovey feelings towards inanimate objects such as trees.  It just seems beyond odd to be hot and bothered by trees and plants.

One man I read about went looking all over for trees with knots in them that he would then proceed to fuck. I can just see fucking some rotted tree knot filled with insects. It would serve him right if one of the said insects marched right up his cock and stayed put. Termites anyone? I wonder what sort of trees are the most popular for fucking, palms, maples, the mighty oak? I’m convinced if anything has the right sized hole, from a piece of fruit to a park bench, some guy will look at it and get the idea to stick his cock inside and see if it’s worth a go.

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