Old Is Gold

I’ve written before on one of the other blogs about guys that have a preference for fucking really old gals, well I got a call the other night from a guy that loves, really loves, ¬†giving old men blow jobs. What the hell do I say to such a statement? “Gee, sounds like you were sexually abused by daddy and this is some weird carry over?” That’s the first thing that comes to my mind, as I can’t fathom who would want to be giving guys in their 70’s blow jobs.

I honestly don’t know where else such a thing could come from, but I think all fetishes have to be rooted in something, in some long ago incident that left an indelible imprint that somehow got stuck for us. That’s my only explanation. But this guy was going on about how he adores to suck off old guys with hairy balls and cocks, oh Lord, and I’m in disbelief, since I’d rather be having the tight, young college students myself, and this guy has got the hots for Grandpa! Ewwwwww!

Some love the experience these elders would have, others are literally unable to cum unless their partner is elderly. Very little research has been done on this fetish. Much more has been done on the opposite, pedophilia, as it is criminal and a concern. This is usually victimless, but some men are so driven to fuck the elderly, up to 7% of rape victims are over age 60. Some even get jobs that place them in the paths of their erotic targets, such as in nursing homes, where some might be afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and not even remember an attack on them.

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