Forced Intox-Have A Drink…


A fetish for some I don’t totally understand is forced intoxication. I’m too afraid that someone might really overdo it and give themselves alcohol poisoning, so I stay away from it. But many phone sex girls do offer forced intox phone sex. I will admit, I do love the drunk callers as they tend to stay on more and ramble on, and of course many of them are suffering from “whiskey dick”, or as I call it, “whiskey dickie”.

It takes a lot longer to come when you’re under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant and just makes it harder to orgasm. I can personally attest to this fact! And I hadn’t even had that much to drink, so I cannot even imagine if you were really sloshed how hard it would be. Some guys have tried and tried to cum to no avail as they slur, “It’s not your fault honey, you’re great, I’m just too drunk to cum!” Oh, I’ve heard that one many times. Ironic the booze makes you want to have sex or masturbate, but makes it more difficult to complete.

Some like to partake in drinking games and get to the point of passing out. One client passed out on me twice. He didn’t even sound that drunk, but mentioned he’d been drinking, then he stopped talking and I heard snoring on the other end of the phone. He had indeed passed out. Some must wake up with a helluva hangover if they are drinking as much as the girls seem to make them. It seems a dangerous thing to get involved in to me, but there are ones that offer it and ones that happily like to take part in it.

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