Watching Porn and Masturbating

Guys are certainly not the only ones that watch porn while they masturbate. I’m not a fan of porn, but even I cannot say I’ve never, ever not masturbated while I watched some. Not all ladies are into it, and it may be something you only indulge in every few years, while to guys, it’s a daily thing, but to some, it really spices things up. Porn is popular, some of the most heavily trafficked websites in the world are porn ones. Guys, and some gals, will check out a video or two while they stroke themselves to orgasm.

Many callers to phone sex lines are watching porn in the background, you can often hear the moans and groans in the background and many times the caller will tell you they are watching it and describe it to you, they like to know you can picture what they are watching. The combination of visual and auditory stimulation is a real plus for men. They want that one on one feature of having a personal conversation, but the visual of watching ones fucking, or being sucked, etc. Is what really pushes them over the edge. Auditory alone is enough for some, but not all. Some want the full experience of being stimulated in all ways.

The people in porn they are watching actually will in most cases have much better bodies than the women they actually get to fuck in real life, so it’s a treat for them. It sadly makes their real life partners feel inadequate, since most real life women do not have bodies like porn stars. Many men that call also have no real idea what the average penis size is, since of course the men starring in porn movies are larger than average, so it makes them feel inadequate as well. Look at porn as a once in a while way to get off, a steady diet of it will just desensitize you. Moderation is the key.

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