Hairy Pussy For You

Some men still love a hairy pussy, especially the older ones. Some will only want to speak to one with a hairy pussy. So of course, being shaved bald, to satisfy them of course tell them I sport the bush to end all bushes. The graphic descriptions some will go into about a hairy cunt with drops of cum in the hair and being smothered by the hairy snatch on their face. Hey, it’s what they want. A guy asked me once if I’d be willing to let my pubic hair grow back if a partner wanted it, I said no, I prefer to be bald, they will have to live with it. I’d ask them to shave as well, no werewolves for me, please.

No matter the kink, someone out there will have it. In fact, a lot of someone’s will have it. It’s really only in the last couple of decades since porn and watching in the home with the invention of VCR’s that people got to see what other’s genitals were looking like and how they were groomed. Sure, you might see your friend naked in the locker room or something, but not on the volume of what was possible with seeing countless people in porn movies naked did you see so many others naked.

Pubic hair started disappearing around this same time. Not everyone is anti body hair, some love the furry, wild look. The cum dripping from the long, unkempt pubic hair is a turn on for some. The hair keeps in the natural smells than no hair keeps down to a minimum. There’s many people not jumping on the body grooming bandwagon, so there’s little doubt you’ll be able to find an ungroomed partner if you look. So if pubic hair is your thing, enjoy it. Just bring the dental floss for after!

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