My Doctor Masturbated Me

I went to the doctor recently since I’ve been having difficulty achieving orgasm. He asked if I’d had a lot of stress in my life recently, and I have, and he said even that can do it. He asked if it would be ok for him to “check my orgasmic response.” I trusted him, so I said of course, anything you can do to get to the bottom of this issue and help me be able to cum again. He had me get undressed and I got up on the table. He did a normal physical exam and asked me some questions. My periods had been a bit irregular as well, which stress can also do to your cycle.

He then pulled out a vibrator out of a drawer and said that was the easiest and surest way to check a woman’s orgasmic response. That vibrators had in fact been invented by doctors to induce orgasms in “hysterical” women that before they would arduously do manual stimulation on to bring them to orgasm. I was willing to take whatever help he could offer me. He lubed up the head of the vibe and started to work it around my clit. Squeezing my breasts now and then. Telling me to relax, close my eyes.

I just laid there and let him guide the vibe all around my clit and in and out of my pussy. I could feel myself beginning to get aroused. He kept working it over me and my thighs began to shake. He didn’t let up, and I could feel a blockbuster of an orgasm welling up inside of me and he knew it. He kept gently encouraging me to cum and relax. I tensed up and pushed into the vibe and could feel it making me tingle to my very core. He smiled and said my orgasmic response was working just fine and maybe I just needed to masturbate a bit more to become more accustomed to the feelings. He washed off the toy and bagged it up for me.

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