The Business Trip

Recently I went on a short overnight business trip with a coworker. He had the room next to mine and after our day of seminars he came knocking at my door to talk about them. I let him in and we talked for a while and I poured us some drinks I’d gotten from the vending machine down the hall. I could soon tell he was coming onto me and even though we were both married, we were both horny and away from home, away from prying eyes and things soon got hot. He came up behind me when I was getting us more drinks and I felt his arm slip around me.

Before I knew what was happening, he was kissing my neck and slipping his hand down my skirt and panties and teasing my clit. He had very skillful hands. It felt so good, I didn’t want him to stop. I was quickly getting wet and his fingers were sliding in and out of me, my nipples growing hard and I was wanting more in my pussy than his fingers. It didn’t take long before we were stripped naked on the bed and his cock was buried in me balls deep.

I wrapped my legs around him to pull him as deep into me as possible, and he was pumping so deeply into my shaved pussy. The flesh smacking against flesh sounds echoed throughout the room, the scent of our sex was permeating the air. I wondered what my husband would do if he could see me now, same for the coworkers wife. Oh well, they weren’t here and we were having fun, so we continued to fuck for hours until we were both spent and fell asleep in my bed. We got up in the morning for the final seminar before flying back home, with a secret none of us would ever forget.

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