Baby Likes it Rough

Gentle lovemaking is certainly wonderful, but once in a while you just get in the mood for something a little, not so gentle. Rough sex has its fans. Sometimes a quickie can be rough, and that’s ok. Some couples get into choking, slapping, hard spanking. As long as both people agree, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not for everyone, and many would rather never have sex again than to be treated that way, but for some, nothing gets their juices going more than a rough and tumble time. Some even go so far as to roleplay a rape scenario complete with bruises and scratches.

There’s extremes in all things. Some callers like to talk about slapping a woman with their dick across her face, or tying them up like BDSM with ropes and restraints. Some look at scratches, welts and hand prints from slaps and bite marks from such rough treatment as little love marks that they will be able to see for many days to remind them of their hot, sexual encounter they experienced. Does rough sex appeal to you? Would you like the scratch marks on your back left there by a woman as she fucked and clawed you at the same time? Some men would for sure.

Hair pulling is another thing if the woman has long hair, it can be gathered up into the hand and used as a handle to pull and tug on. Fucking them from behind and wrenching their neck back as you fuck them, tugging their hair in your hands like the reins on a horse. Many women like to be used and treated like sluts in the bedroom. Maybe not outside of it, but inside, some definitely do. So if you’ve had some hot rough sexual experiences, maybe give one of our ladies a call and you can tell us all about it while you stroke your cock.

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