Ribbons And Lace

A lingerie fetish is a sexy one, it looks so pretty and sexy and it’s kind of an old fashioned fetish to have. Lingerie and stockings are like the pretty wrapping on a package, lovely to look at and even nicer to unwrap. A woman that can learn to do a well carried out striptease for her man, will excite him greatly…

The smooth, satiny feel to many items of lingerie makes it a tactile pleasure as well, not just a visual one. Many men are also into wearing it, mainly in secret. You have no idea how many men I talk to that are into wearing lingerie under their clothes. It’s not just for women anymore! I’d say 1/3 of men out there seem to have some sort of panty fetish. Sniffing them, rubbing them all over their cocks, they adore the feeling of the fabric on their cock and balls. So silky and sensuous.

Women dolled up in sexy lingerie are a feast for the eyes. Men love to look at the shop windows with the sexy items on display and fantasize about their lady’s wearing them. I have one client that loves to send me pictures of Fredrick’s of Hollywood costumes and lingerie and he also writes erotic stories with the lady in the story wearing such getups. Often very skimpy and see through ones and makes her go out in public in them, showing off all her bits for all the world to see.


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