Plushophilia-How Could You Do That To A Toy!

Would you believe there’s actually a fetish out there about people that masturbate with stuffed animals? I had read about this before, but didn’t write about it and then today, I answer the phone and hear, “I’m rubbing my dick on a teddy bear.” God help this oddballs soul.

What could make someone assault an innocent, cute toy in this manner? My only guess is that it goes back to childhood. Some episode of masturbation gone awry. Most children have toys, and a teddy bear is not really just for girls, you could give that to a boy as well, and children love their toys. They sleep with them, play with them, tell them their secrets, and often they are soft and nearby a lot. I guess when one starts masturbating sometimes toys get brought into the mix for some.

I was never that into toys as a kid, so I don’t have any experiences with this personally, but apparently adults are still using toys, and not vibes….I guess if someone is 10 or something, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, but in their 30’s? Really? You still like to rub your dick on a stuffed toy? Wow. Well, I guess it’s harmless enough, but it just seems odd to me.

Most people outgrow toys fairly young in today’s world, the computer is more sought after than a simple stuffed toy or plastic race car.

This is a different branch of the furry fetish, where ones like to dress up in animal costumes or mascots, they know those are people dressed up as animals, but these plushie people are wanting just the toy animals. Freud would truly have a field day in today’s world of sex and the internet…

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