Magical Tits

What is it about a pair of tits that sends so many guys into a frenzy? This girl I went to school with always wondered why guys were so mesmerized by a pair of them. She had big ones and found it crazy guys would become so enchanted with two lumps of flesh as she called them. She of course was used to being spoken to with guys looking downward and not into her eyes, being groped, all kinds of things like that. Some callers are indeed quite into tits, sucking them, fucking them, drinking milk from them, massaging them.

Many that had large breasted mothers are especially obsessed by them. They may have memories of being tucked in at night with those huge, swaying globes inches from their face and wanted to get back to that ever since and may very well seek out similarly well endowed ladies and been subconsciously thinking of mommy’s mammaries in their face. The breast feeding thing can also lead ones to the mommy fantasy, but not always.

If you wear a low cut top, you can be sure guys are going to want to peer down it and try to see as much as possible. Too big would not be in any way comfortable, yet it’s hard to imagine a guy being in favor of anyone getting a reduction. Callers ask all the time if I’ve had a boob job, nope, never would do that. They seem to think all ladies want a huge pair of knockers, all the more flesh to entice them with and yet another place for them to lay their dicks. They think about the nipple types as well. One caller quizzed me about the type of nipples I had, hard and small? Flat? Puffy? They sure put a lot of thought into this one body part.

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