Torturing Your Cock and Balls

Most might wonder why a guy would hurt his cock and balls on purpose, how could that bring anyone sexual pleasure of any kind? Yet cock and ball torture is quite a common call topic men want to talk about. Many will even have a bunch of gathered items, everything from shoelaces to wooden spoons, tobasco sauce. A whole host of items they want to tie up their dick with, hit it with, inflict real pain on themselves. One was convinced he’d done permanent damage to the point he’d rendered himself infertile. He was honestly a riot to talk to, I miss that caller.

It’s not difficult to imagine inflicting that kind of pain on a man’s genitals, you just think of a man that has wronged you in some way and imagine doing it to him, as payback for any emotional grief he’s caused you. Not difficult whatsoever. Men however are usually doing this to themselves, not having women do it to them, although some do desire to be kicked in the nuts until they double over in pain. I’d be happy to kick some dude in the nuts, most men deserve it. I’d have no problem doing it at all, multiple times. Not a whipping boy, but a kicking boy, lol.

Some will do this to themselves until the point of orgasm and they will either untie the things they’ve wrapped around themselves so tightly they are turning purple, or they will even leave it on sometimes and the cum will back up inside of them. I don’t think many women are hurting themselves this way, but you never know. Maybe there’s some somewhere hurting their clits. I’ve seen pics and vids of them letting bees sting their clits, so anything is possible it seems. A guy once told me when I asked how they could do this to themselves, “You’ve never been that horny.” I’m not sure how extreme horniness can affect you wanting to injure yourself. Oh well. Do as you wish to yourselves.

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