Swapping Spit

When one mentions an essential fluid for sex, they might think cum, or female lubrication, but there is another essential body fluid that makes sex better, kissing better, pussy licking and cock sucking better…..That particular fluid is saliva. There are plenty of guys with a saliva fetish.

Many guys like to either be spat on or spit on their partner. Have it spat right down their throat. Collect it from others to masturbate with even. Now come on, who among us when no lube around hasn’t used spit to masturbate with in a pinch if things were a little dry? It is honestly not a bad lubrication.

There is a whole saliva fetish porn thing going on out there of ones spitting all over others. What could be sexier than hocking up gobs of spit all over someone?

I actually have a client that talks about spitting all over women’s faces as they give him a blow job. He’s a real pig and I blocked him, I don’t need to listen to that. If they want to be spat on, that’s weird enough, but I won’t talk about anyone spitting on me. Several I have spoken with want me to make spitting noises over the phone, pretending I am spitting all over them.

Now it’s one thing to drool all over a cock during a juicy blow job, but when ones are collecting spit from strangers in cups to go home and masturbate with, that has just crossed some line of weirdness in my eyes.

I guess it’s harmless enough if everyone involved is agreeable, but a little odd to say the very least. Saliva has it’s place in sex for sure, makes things nice and slippery, but to spit aside from that, a bit too icky for me.


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