Navel Gazing

Ones with a navel fetish are often low on the totem pole of fetishes. Many men are into breasts or legs, but how many admit to being into the navel…

The belly button has a longstanding history as being an erogenous zone. Belly dancing shows the hips gyrating in a sexual manner and the exposed belly button the center of attention.

Some men that are really into navels look for very large women, large enough that they can actually fuck their belly buttons in a type of “outer course”.

In all the calls I have done, I can only recall one man talking about holding me from behind and sensuously fingering my belly button as he kissed my neck, grabbed my breast, and toyed with my navel. I thought it pretty innocent and a bit different for a fetish.

In the 1960’s series, “I Dream of Jeannie”, which ran for 5 seasons, censors wouldn’t allow Barbara Eden’s navel to show in her Jeannie costume until season four, since it was considered far too risqué, and even then it only made 4 brief appearances the entire run of the series.

It is common now for young, fit girls to have navel rings, and honestly, if you have the stomach for it to look good, why not. Though such navel piercings have been around since the days of ancient Egypt.

It has been a sexualized area of the body, and today’s low rise jeans showcase it specifically. Plastic surgery to change or enhance the shape of the navel has also grown in popularity, seriously, who would want an outie…Ewww! Can’t blame them for wanting to get that eyesore corrected now.

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