Take A Whiff Of My Smelly Pussy


Most of us would like our partners to be clean and fresh for us when it’s time to get intimate, but there always exceptions, and some rather enjoy the ripe smells of unwashed naughty bits. One regular caller is always going on about dirty, sweaty bums and how his fantasy is to have a line up of women fresh after their work outs bent over naked, sweaty asses dripping and he can lick them all between the butt cheeks. Others are the same with a fishy pussy, some have asked to have me describe not washing for several days before they’d go down on me.

Some even talk about urine smells and would I pee a little bit in their mouth as they lick my dirty, unwashed pussy. Some are very smell oriented and like to revel in the raw, human odors that are extra apparent when we need a shower. It is really only in the last less than one hundred years that bathing more frequently was the thing to do. Many people even nowadays do not bathe as frequently as they should. Go down to your local bus terminal or ride the bus and see how many you think have showered recently there.

Some are not bothered by body odors, they aren’t that clean and they do not mind others that are not very clean as well. They see no need to keep their smelling genitals clean and odor free, let alone hair free. Some are very much attracted to that which most of us avoid and would be disgusted by. To go to your partner unwashed, dirty, smelly, it’s unthinkable to many of us, but others, they like it.

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