How Old Are You, My Dear?

A caller was telling me how much they like young girls and how they like to imagine fucking them, but of course they’d never actually do it and risk getting in any trouble. I said to find a really young looking eighteen year old and satisfy your fantasy that way. I think that’s his plan, to find a college girl and make her wear pigtails and chew bubble gum while he’s imagining she’s a lot younger.

He likes the thought of being their first, no other man would have touched them except him and how much he wants to feel that tight, virgin pussy around his hard dick, to the point of making them cry and scream with the pain of it hurting the first time and them being so scared and nervous. Some guys really do get off on unusual things, power plays, being in control no matter what and calling all the shots. He said he watches lots of porn when he jerks off of the barely legal variety and he wants to be the one fucking them.

Common fantasy for certain, we hear it all the time, they also tend to like the young voice type of girl that can sound a lot younger than they actually are, it all helps to flesh out the scene for them in their minds and makes it all the more realistic for them to masturbate to. Hopefully they can keep it to the fantasy realm and not ever cross that line, that’s what fantasy phone providers are for after all.

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