Hurts So Good


There’s cock and ball torture and then there’s insect cock and ball torture. An interesting combination of cock and ball torture and formicophilia where ones like to involve crawling insects in their sex play. Stingers impaling your cock and injecting their venom into your most tender parts. Making them swell and ache. Hard to believe anyone would want such things that would hurt so much, but they do. That type of torture lasts longer than it’s just going on as well, the pain and itch of a sting can last for many days.

Imagine some dud dripping honey on his dick to actually attract insects and sitting out on his deck and waiting for them to come to his crotch like it’s some nectar producing flower, enticing them to bite and sting you. Makes you wonder what would be going on in their head that this is a desirable activity, yet people are indeed into very odd things that often have childhood roots that triggered such a fetish in the first place.

I can honestly say no one has yet called with a desire to talk about bugs crawling on their private parts, but the day will likely come, it is often we will hear about a fetish for the first time and within a couple of months someone will call to talk about it. That has happened many times. Summer is here, the bugs are out in full force, there’s not a doubt somewhere some guy is letting hornets sting his cock and balls to howl from the pain then go masturbate with his venom swollen dick. Seems odd even to think about, yet there’s no shortage of pics and videos online about this sort of fetish, so there’s not a doubt some are engaging in it. If they want to hurt themselves, go right ahead.

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