Pound That Pussy From Behind


Usually my boyfriend and I are pretty tame, but once in a while we like to go a bit wild and have some rough sex, usually after we might have had a bit too much to drink. Once in a while I don’t mind it, it can be very hot and last night was one of those times. We’d been out at a party and had a lot to drink and my boyfriend was feeling horny, he was all over me in the backseat of the cab on the way home, kissing me and trying to slide his hand up under my skirt. The driver was watching in the rear view mirror half the ride home trying to catch a glimpse of something naughty.

We stumbled in the door and started to peel our clothes off as we raced to the bedroom, though we didn’t really race far without nearly falling over! We got to the bedroom, nearly naked and pawing at each other like animals and finally we were nude and ready to fuck. He spun me around so he was behind me and he grabbed at my throat and was kissing at my neck and squeezing my tits.

I could feel him push me over and slide his hard cock inside of me from behind and it felt so good to finally have him inside of me and fucking me so passionately. He wasn’t being gentle and that was ok, making love is wonderful, but sometimes you just want to fuck and feel a cock pounding the living daylights out of you. He grabbed me hard and I could feel him cutting off my air a little bit and it made me even hornier to be gasping for breath as he fucked me and I could feel his balls slapping against me and my tits were jiggling, needless to say I came hard and he soon shot his load into me as I contracted around his cock.

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