Catfight Fantasies


What is it about guys finding a woman in a catfight attractive? Do they think somehow all of a sudden the physical contact between the warring women will all of a sudden take all that hatred for each other and have some angry, passion filled sexual encounter. Not many guys have called asking about catfights, but once in a while you get them and they are quite enthralled with the entire idea of women roughing it up together.

Female mud wrestling has long been an interest and activity in some bars. Guys go in, get liquored up and sit back and watch the mud fly and hair get pulled, likely while getting harder by the second. Some callers have asked me if I’ve ever wrestled with men or women, um, that’s a no. One guy used to have these elaborate fantasies with his wife and the neighborhood women getting into a group catfight where tearing hair out and who had the biggest boobs and who was the tallest was how they were determined. It was absurd, he’d have me say lines for around five different names of women and insulting each other and making cat screeching noises once in a while.

Many men like to envision they are the reason for the fight, two women fighting over one man, they are so glad to think they are so hot women will come to physical blows in competing for his affections. Sounds kind of degrading to me, but men have inflated egos about many things, surely having women fight over them isn’t a stretch for some. In the 1980’2, the popular prime time soap “Dynasty” featured several catfights between the female leads that went down in television history they were so watched and admired. Men like to see women brawl, might be classless, but it’s primal.

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