Crossdressing Boyfriend



I had a pretty shocking surprise waiting for me the other night when I came home, my boyfriend was wearing my nightgown and lingerie. He thought I’d be out several more hours and I came home and saw him dolled up in makeup and my things and heels. He looked just as surprised to see me standing there and I was speechless. He said he hadn’t thought I’d understand, so he;d kept it a secret from me. I knew it wasn’t anything bad, or wrong, but it was a jolt.

He advanced towards me, wearing my own things and kissed me, I didn’t know what to say, so I just tried to think it was a harmless kink and allowed him to continue. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close to me and he felt so smooth and slippery wearing the silky nightgown, it felt good, but a bit out of place as well. He laid me on the bed and kissed me with extra passion than he had before, he said showing himself to me this way made him feel extra special, like he was sharing the true part of himself and the fact I hadn’t bolted meant a lot to him.

He made love to me so tenderly as he was dressed up, I’d never thought of him being dolled up before, so this was in a way like making love with a new person, it’s hard to put into words. He said he’d been crossdressing for years, and he was glad I knew about his little secret and if I was ok with it, he’d like to do things like shopping together and beauty treatments. I will have to see how it goes,- this is all quite new,- but I’m sure it will be a whole new level to our relationship.

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