Size Kings & Masturbators


A caller of mine that has a small penis was telling me something I’d never thought of before. He said he likes to buy magnum sized condoms, even though he can’t use them, to impress the store clerks. I was laughing thinking how absurd to waste your money on something you will never use to have some clerk think you are packing a nine incher. They likely aren’t even paying attention in the first place as they run items over the scanner, it’s just another box.

He however feels them seeing this makes them think he’s huge. It’s insane how men’s minds work at times that they would even think some store clerk would care about their cock size. He also finds it deliciously embarrassing when he’s on the rare occasions he is with a woman, to put the super sized condom on and not be able to fill it and have them laugh at him. I couldn’t make this stuff up, this is what some guys are actually thinking.

One other caller also likes to shock store clerks, though in a different way. He likes to go to the counter with porn magazines and a bottle of Vaseline and nothing else, so what his intentions are is crystal clear. He wants them to also laugh at him and talk amongst themselves about the masturbator perv buying all the dirty magazines, he loves the sense of humiliation. He tries to find the cashier with the biggest tits and go to her and stare at them during his time at the counter purchasing them for further humiliation. The things men do are very strange at times.

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