Panty Princess and The Fairy Dust


One of my new callers calls himself “The Panty Princess.” He loves to buy ladies underwear and prance around in them at home. He said sometimes the mean ladies at the store that are the store clerks look at him funny and make him feel badly, since he knows they know the panties are for him. He’s a sissy that has been made to wear girls panties since he was a child by his mother and she used to show him off to all her friends and dress her son up like a girl.

He talks in a sissy voice and makes himself sound like a child, it’s disturbing, really. He likes to talk about me applying baby powder to his bottom after I pull down his panties and he calls the baby powder “fairy dust.” His penis is called “his dolly,” and of course dolly gets hard when it’s encased in a frilly pair of brand new panties that he got at the store with the stern store clerks looking on disapprovingly at the panty princess, or I guess in their mind, he’d be a “panty pervert.”

All harmless enough of course, and I seriously wonder if his mother decades ago really would have dressed him up and showed him off to her friends dressed as a girl, that would seem…..a Little weird to be sure. Lots of callers are into wearing ladies panties, it’s a rare day that goes by I don’t hear from at least a few of them, it’s one of the most popular fetishes around. So many men seem to want to emulate women, yet I don’t think many women feel the same about men, it’s an odd phenomena.

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