Religious Blasphemy For Easter


To celebrate Easter this week, we are exploring religious blasphemy phone sex. Most people have never even heard of such a fetish, or understand its roots or why anyone would be into it. Like the rule 34 of the internet states, if you can think of it, porn of it exists, or someone is into it. No matter how obscure the topic. Most I find that call for this topic were raised in overly religious backgrounds and it’s a way of rebelling against it.

They have odd fantasies of nuns and priests and cumming on the Bible, Jesus fucking the little children, “loving them” in a most unnatural way! All kinds of odd perversions accompany religious blasphemy, but then religion in and of itself is unnatural to ones that are atheists and science based in their thought processes. Ones have called for this fetish that were ministers, ones that would be horribly embarrassed if their congregations or wives found out what they were into. What could they be doing that would be more insulting to their Lord? Not a lot. Some enjoy hearing the Lord’s name taken in vain over and over, shouting it as they feverishly masturbate and think of splattering their Bible in cum.

A real slap in the face to their God they hold so dear. I guess it’s the forbiddenness of it all. There’s even a whole line of sex toys with religious themes, like Baby y Jesus butt plugs, Christ on The Cross dildos. Disturbing but true and I can only imagine the people buying and using them as they sing some sort of hymns. Bible in one hand and cock in the other. A little twisted, not a doubt. Happy Easter to all the religious fanatics out there. A day devoted, several days this week actually, to celebrating your fairy tale!

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