A Little Extra Meat On The Bones


Big girls need some lovin’ too, and lots of callers are into the plus sized babes. With more and more people being bigger these days, it’s more normal and expected to see bigger people around. A few generations ago, of course there were some bigger people around, but not in the numbers you see today. Go to Walmart and have a look around. The big ones pretty well outnumber the average sized ones, so it’s become more expected and even desired since it’s seen as normal.

Lots of bigger ladies can have bigger appetites in the bedroom as well. I’ve known several ladies that were larger and it seems to always have been true for them, they just love physical indulgences and a healthy sex drive is part of that for many of them. There is of course more to love with more meat on their bones and usually a big pair of tits to go with it, more cushion to the pushin’ indeed! Cuddly and soft with lots to grab onto, some guys can even go for the super sized BBW’s and want to feed them to bigger and bigger sizes. Some only want ones over 400 lbs and will fuck their extra deep belly buttons or even their rolls of fat.

Some bigger ladies can be earthy and sexy for sure, but when it gets to the point where they are bedridden or need scooters to get around rather than walk, I’d say that’s the cut off point for being sexy, at least in my eyes, but I guess to some, they don’t mind. It always strikes me as odd you never hear about many thin women with guys that are so fat they are bedridden, but you do see such women with men. No idea why it wouldn’t be equal of ones into it, but it just doesn’t seem to be so.

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