Control Me


Control is a very sexy thing to some a very dangerous thing to others. The popularity of the recent trilogy of books, “50 Shades of Grey”, gives testament to the fact that a great many of today’s supposedly in control career women still want a man to ravish them in the bedroom and take control and show them who’s boss. Tying them up and blindfolding them is just another element in that kind of role play scenario. Personally, I can definitely see the appeal in that situation.

To be at the mercy of another for your mind blowing orgasm and allowing them to have complete control of you, if only for the length of the sexual encounter. Many career type women that are in total control and quite dominant in other areas of their lives seek just that sort of man to dominate them and make them quiver in anticipation of what sensual moves might be next delivered to them. The movie “9 1/2 Weeks”, from the mid 1980’s also explored that sort of relationship, of a woman giving in to a man and doing all the submissive things he’d tell her to do and the explosive sexual satisfaction that came from that kind of surrender.

Not all women are seeking that kind of involvement, certainly all men are not made to deliver it, it takes just the right sort of pairing for that coupling to drive you to the intense sex you never even had the courage to dream about. It does exist. There are people out there that can push your buttons in ways you cannot currently comprehend until you meet them and fall under their spell. It can become destructive and it can become dangerous. Often that sort of relationship is fairly short lived, as one of the participants gets burned out by it and can’t keep it up. It’s a special sort of relationship not many of us will get to experience, but it’s a rollercoaster of a ride if you do.

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