You’ve Got Sexy Knees…


I’ve heard of titty fucking, and even armpit fucking, called “bagpiping”, but the other day I heard of a non penetrative sex act I as of yet have not been informed of. You really do learn something new nearly everyday in this business. Fucking a bent knee. Sounded odd to me, but then much of what I hear is odd in one way or another. He mentioned being on my tummy, legs bent and then placing his dick on the back of my knee.

I guess guys really can think of anything to fuck, a lot easier to fuck stuff than if you’re a woman. I guess you could actually fuck the crook of a woman’s arm in the same manner, truth be told. Thighing is another non penetrative sex act, where the cock is placed between the thighs rather than in the pussy. This is a common thing in the Middle East I have read about for some reason, not sure why, but it is. Guys can do it to each other as  well and it’s not looked at as a homosexual act, um, ok, right….

The rest of his call was pretty normal, nothing too odd, but as I said never heard of putting a dick behind the knee and pumping along until you splattered the back of my leg with hot cum. Doesn’t sound too dreadful, if a guy wanted to fuck my knee, why not, not too much to ask I guess. Never heard of a knee fetish before.

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