Sexy Shoes

high heels

High heels, shoes and feet have been the focus of fetishists for centuries. Some men are so into sexy high heels, they are even known to spend hours wandering around shoe stores just enjoying all the pretty shoes on display. Some have a fetish for shoes to such a degree they have been known to steal shoes and masturbate and sniff them. I recall a story years ago where a personal assistant of some female celebrity was found to have had been stealing her shoes and a collection of them was found in his possession at his house and in his car and he admitted masturbating with them.

Some want to be fucked with the heel of the shoes and rub their cocks all over the shoes and ejaculate in and on them. It is the most common fetish out there, foot fetish, and shoes go together with that and are objectified. It’s a fairly harmless fetish, but can become an expensive one if many pairs of shoes are being purchased when the one buying them can’t really afford them.

I would love to have someone rub my feet all the time, that wouldn’t be an issue at all. They could buy me boots to their hearts content. I could handle that just fine. Some love to be walked on with the heels, they would leave little marks all over them from the parts of the heels, the lifts. I don’t know about inserting the heel up your ass, but a foot job, I could manage that much.

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