Robot/Fembot Fetish

Many that have an interest in lady robots, aka “fembots” are either sci-fi enthusiasts or dominant in nature I have found. This fetish is fairly rare, but I have encountered it several times and do have some clients that are true robot enthusiasts, wanting me to talk in a robot voice and repeating what they say or have “programmed me to say”.

I fine robot lovers quite entertaining and unusual. They have a very clear idea of what they want, and are very perfectionistic and particular about what they are seeking from a call as they masturbate.

I found it very strange when I started with them, but quickly grew to appreciate what they were going for and did my best to fulfill it.

They are seeking a woman that has been built to their exactly physical specifications, programmed to behave exactly as they want. Someone they can turn off and on like an appliance. They can’t turn real women off that way and store them in a closet when not in use. They like the idea of someone or something being totally there for their use and their pleasure at any time, day or night, with no objections or say whatsoever.

The fembot will have no opinions, no emotions, do nothing they are not pre programmed to do. It is their dream woman. One that doesn’t place any demands on them and is only their to please, their way and when they want. It requires little care and attention and will be there to do something for as long or as short as they like.

They realize they will never find a real woman like this, though they fantasize about that, so they go into their fembot fantasy of the dream “woman”. They are interesting men, for sure….

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