What He Learned at School

You can never tell if what guys tell you was a real experience or just a fantasy. It doesn’t really matter, it’s their dime, enjoy it. One was telling me how he lost his virginity to his high school math teacher. He just was infatuated with her and she offered to tutor him so he wouldn’t fail and of course one thing led to another and they were soon fucking and taking chances, fucking at school after class. The janitor, or a late working teacher could have come in and found them, though he says the door was always locked when they’d do it at school.

He likely just had a crush on her and beat off to her hundreds of times and never laid a finger on her, but who knows, one can never tell. He loved how patient she was with his young, virginal, inexperienced self. He loved when she taught him how to lick pussy and he was apparently a fast study of how to do so. She took advantage of his young, hard cock and rode it every chance she got. Men her own age can certainly not get or stay as hard as a teenage boy can.

The thought of seducing a younger man is very appealing to many cougars. Especially when they are inexperienced and so eager to learn about sex and how to please a woman. Hot times were had on the teachers desk he said and they even went to her place several times under the guise of his tutoring. No one apparently suspected anything was going on, he said he kept his mouth shut, since he wanted the good times to roll as long as possible. He said he felt he wasn’t the first student she’d had a “special relationship” with. He was just glad to have been recruited into the select group.

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