Some men have an odd fetish where they like to see girls fighting or wrestling each other, sometimes nude or in bathing suits, sometimes in mud or oil. They have a real liking for catfights.

I had a caller, several of them that started to ask if when I was younger and in school if I ever got into fights with other girls. They wanted to hear details of every little thing.

Some I think like this idea since since not only are two girls rolling around together, but many like to believe that the reason this is all happening is that they are fighting over a guy, and of course they want to believe that they are the guy being fought over. That two women would actually be coming to physical blows because the guy was just so fucking hot, they were literally going to fight for them!

Men are odd ones at times. But then women also like the idea of men fighting and vying for our attentions as well, it’s of course flattering to think anyone would literally fight for our affections they are so in demand.

The idea of catfights really excites some, to see us scratching each other, pulling each others hair, kicking and screaming and rolling around tossing punches. It makes some of their cocks very hard indeed. Gals wrestling around together is mighty sexual thing for most men to witness. It matters not that they are not there for pleasure, the mere fact that there is physical contact at all is the thing that gets them riled up.

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