Rock A Bye Baby

This next fetish, oh how I hate these weirdos that call that are into ABDL. For those of you not in the know, that stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lovers. Grown people, usually men, that are actually sexually aroused by wearing diapers and sucking on bottles and as they say in England where so many of these oddballs are, “wetting their nappies.” ICK!

I don’t understand why ones want to lose control of their bodily functions on purpose. I guess in some way they want to return to a more carefree, innocent time in their lives where all problems were taken care of by parents and they themselves had little stress in their lives, so they want to regress to that happier time when they had no demands placed upon them.

Not a lot of research has been done on adult babies, since most with this fetish keep it under their hats. I get a lot of these calls, I dislike them immensely, and most men don’t tell their girlfriends or wives they are into this, they know it’s a shameful fetish to be involved with, and I enjoy humiliating them. Only one was at all remorseful, he was nearly suicidal actually. He told me he’d been to psychiatrists many times, and they had no real answers for him, other than to stop doing it.

He felt it was wrong, yet he couldn’t bring himself to stop doing it. I told him I too thought it was wrong, but in the scheme of life, he wasn’t hurting anyone, so if that was his worst transgression in life, it wasn’t very serious. There are so many odd fetishes out there, but this one is much more popular than the average person would believe I have found.

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