Office Sex For You

I had just been back to work after the New Year’s and Christmas holidays, and I got called into my bosses office. He hasn’t been the boss here long, he was sent in from another division and we are all still getting used to him, he seemed ok, nice looking, but I didn’t know him well enough to make any judgments yet. Then I learned what kind of a boss he really was. I went in and was told there were going to be some cutbacks to increase profits and my job was on the list of ones to be downsized. I didn’t know what I’d do since I needed the job and had nothing really in saving to tide me over as I’d look for a new job.

He got a devilish grin on his smug face and said there was one way I could secure my job, if I was willing to do so. I asked what, and he said I’d have to be willing to have sex with him a minimum of three times a week, and he even had the nerve to say he was sensitive to “women’s concerns” and one week a month I could just do oral on him! Can you imagine? He said if I didn’t agree and immediately, this would be my last day.

I told him I needed the job and would do as needed to keep it. I then walked over to him and undid his pants and reached in and got his cock out and started to stroke it in my hand. I then lowered my mouth down onto it and started to suck it while bent over him. He was as hard as a steel rod and it wasn’t altogether unpleasant, but I was being forced into it if I wanted to keep my job. I drooled over his cock and deep throated his shaft and kissed the head of it with my full lips, it wasn’t long until I was swallowing a mouthful of his jizz and then leaving the room.

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