Sex In The Car


My boyfriend and I had gone to a wedding that was out of town, maybe an hour drive, and weddings always kind of make me horny for some reason. After the reception I was really raring to go and didn’t know how I was going to make it home before we could fuck. I was all over him in the car, rubbing his cock through his pants, telling him how bad I wanted him and he was laughing, telling me to wait. We’d be home soon and could fuck all night.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wait, so I told him to pull off down the nearest side road and he laughed and did, called me a horny bitch. As soon as he had the car stopped I had his cock in my mouth and it was so hard, he wanted me just as much. I was sucking and making myself wet in doing so. I loved to feel his hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth, leaking pre cum as I licked it all up.

We soon got n the backseat and I was riding his cock so good, my pussy was sloppy wet and the windows were all steamed up, a couple of cars drove by, but no one pulled over, I was worried a cop car might catch us, but we fucked in relative peace and I was so horny I came and came and came until I was exhausted. It was hot, grinding my clit right against the base of his hard cock, feeling him literally throb inside of me, I loved it. I could feel his balls filling up with cum as I was bouncing on top of him, my tits right in his face and he filled me with his cum and then we drove home and continued on fucking until dawn.

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